Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, Amethyst Pendulum/Pendant Necklace



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This silversale silveris silverfore silver1 silveramethyst silverglass silvervial silvernecklace silverpendant silverwith silversilver silverplated silvercap. silver silverThe silverpendulum/Pendant silvercomes silveron silvera silversolid silver925 silverSterling silversilver silverchain. silver silverAmethyst silveris silvergood silverfor silverhelping silverto silverregulate silverover-indulgence, silvercultivating silvercompassion silverand silveropening silverand silverclearing silverthe silvercrown silveror silver7th silverchakra.The silverstone silveris silvercontained silverin silvera silverglass silvertube, silverthe silverpendant silveris silversealed silverand silverdoes silvernot silveropen. silver silverThe silvermetal silverat silverthe silvertop silverof silverthe silverpendant silveris silversilver silverplated silverprobably silverover silverbronze silveror silvercopper. silver silverI'm silvernot silversure silverof silverthe silverbase silvermetal. silver silverThe silver925 silversterling silverchain silveris silver18" silverif silverordered silveron silvercord, silverit silveris silverlonger silverthan silverthat silverand silveradjustable.. silver silverMetal silverclasps silverfor silversilk silvercord silveroption silveris silver silvercoming silversoon! silver silverAs silverof silvernow, silverit silveris silverjust silverloose silvercord silverthat silverneeds silverto silverbe silvertied.

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